SWOT analysis of currently available anti-HCV therapies
The HCV lifecycle: a rich source of antiviral targets
Epidemiology: risk of transmission in various regions of the world and prevention of routes of transmission
How different are quantitative HCV RNA assays?
In vitro infection with HCV increases the suppressive phenotype and activity of the human regulatory T cell
Assessing the role of intra-familial transmission in the ongoing propagation of the Egyptian hepatitis C virus epidemic
Peg-IFN/RBV plus second-generation protease inhibitors
Peg-IFN/RBV plus non-protease inhibitors (NS5A, nucleotides)
Peg-IFN/RBV plus DAA (quad regimens)
Nucleotide-based combination regimens
Combination regimens without nucleotides
Managing HIV-HCV co-infection
Treatment of HCV-associated cryoglobulinemia and B-cell lymphoma
Treatment of patients with diabetes mellitus and/or NASH and hepatitis C
Vitamin D deficiency and hepatitis C
Interactive case study: treatment of active drug users
Interactive case study: treatment of patients after liver transplantation
Nuc therapy for HBV: long-term outcomes, endpoints and risks
What is in the pipeline for treatment of Hepatitis B? (IFN-lambda, TLR-agonists, entry inhibitors etc.)
Targeted vaccination programme successful in reducing acute hepatitis B in men having sex with men in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
How to diagnose and treat HDV
Hepatitis E: are serologic tests good enough and reliable?
Chronic hepatitis E in immunocompromised patients
Approach to small HCC: ablation versus TACE versus resection
Sorafenib as an adjunct to ablation or embolisation
Transplantation for HCC
Screening: saliva and blood-based screening assays
New non-invasive model, based on serum bile acid levels and patient's parameters for liver fibrosis assessment in patients with chronic hepatitis C
An efficient and low cost method for detection, quantification and genotyping of hepatitis C virus
Unexpected high prevalence of hepatitis C in a densly populated metropolitan area of Germany
Epidemiology of hepatitis C virus infections in Finland between the years 1995 and 2011
Prevalence of hepatitis C virus genotypes in four risk groups in the Republic of Macedonia
The risk for hepatitis C infection in blood donors in Cluj County, Romania
Combination of fluvastatin and standard of care treatment reduces viral relapse in chronic hepatitis C genotype 1 but not genotype 3 patients
The effectiveness of pegylated interferon and ribavirin combination therapy for chronic hepatitis C in South Korea: a single center experience
Distribution of genetic polymorphisms associated to hepatitis C virus (HCV) antiviral response in a multiethnic and admixed population
Increasing uptake of hepatitis C treatment in England between 2002 and 2010
Miravirsen does not interact with pegylated interferon-alpha or ribavirin
Miravirsen does not interact with telaprevir
Plasma TIMP-1/MMP-2 ratio dynamics in patients with chronic hepatitis C treated with PegIFN and ribavirin
HepatiC, the viral hepatitis C patients management application and database
Hematological adverse events as predictors of response to pegylated interferon and ribavirin treatment in patients with chronic hepatitis C genotype 4
Analysis of genetic determinants associated with therapy response against hepatitis C virus: first study of IL28B polymorphisms in Uruguayan patients
Responses to peginterferon alfa-2a versus alfa-2b plus ribavirin in a Mexican population with chronic hepatitis C
Samatasvir (IDX719), a potent pan-genotypic HCV NS5A inhibitor
Ribavirin-boronic acid loaded nanoparticles: a possible route to improve hepatitis C treatment
Understanding the impact of a cure for hepatitis C from the patient perspective
Analysing the human serological response for HCV and eight other pathogens with a multiplexed antigen array
Nanoparticle delivery systems for HCV treatment: do nanoparticles avoid uptake by erythrocytes?
Role of innate immune response in acute viral hepatitis
Occult hepatitis B infection among vaccinated cohort
Advanced medical devices for HBV genotyping, drug resistance testing and detection of surface antigen mutants using next generation sequencing
Screening for hepatitis B virus (HBV) in Maracana construction workers
Estimating transmission rates of hepatitis B (HBV) in households of HBV infected pregnant women in London
In vitro replication competence of a hepatitis B genotype D/A recombinant virus: dissimilar biological behaviour regarding its parental genotypes
Implementation of a reliable, low cost, in-house quantitative-PCR method to measure hepatitis B virus viral load in sub-Saharan Africa
Changing profile of absolute CD4 counts in different phases of the natural history of chronic hepatitis B infection
Sero-prevalance of HBV among university students in Sargodha, Pakistan
Hepatitis B screening prior to chemotherapy initiation in a tertiary care center in Québec, Canada
Characterization of the CD8+ T-cell immune response to the hepatitis B virus in the chronic and immunologically controlled infection
Molecular characterization of partial and full-length genome of the hepatitis B virus among chronic patients in the São Paulo city, Brazil
Occupational blood exposure and compliance to universal precautions: a cross-sectional survey among healthcare workers in Beijing, China
Quantification of hepatitis B virus covalently closed circular DNA in sera of chronic hepatitis B patients
The effect of ‘re-cycling’ genome DNA of HBV for the intracellular replication dynamics
Genetic polymorphism of CCR6 (rs 2301436) increases susceptibility of HCC and promotes tumor progression in HCV-G4 infected Egyptian patients
Using next generation sequencing in understanding the viral dynamics following treatment failure in an HIV-positive cohort infected with acute HCV
The effects of maraviroc use on liver fibrosis progression: hyaluronic acid reduction in HIV/HCV coinfected patients in MAICOL study, 48-week analysis
Full length genome characterization of hepatitis delta virus in the Amazon region of Brazil, using dried-blood samples collection
Hepatitis E and acute liver injury in Scotland, UK
Reduction in CD4+T cells and altered monocytes/macrophages is associated with fatal acute liver failure hepatitis E virus infected pregnant patients
Are porcine derived pharmaceuticals a source of hepatitis E virus infection?
Hepatitis E viral seroprevalence among multiple transfused Egyptian children
Hepatitis E and Scottish liver transplant recipients
Role of IL-12B and IL-28B gene polymorphisms in families of HCV infected patients in the Nile Delta of Egypt