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With Interferon
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Epidemiological study of prevalence and risk factors for HCV among apparently healthy Mongolians
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Daclatasvir + sofosbuvir with or without ribavirin in patients with chronic HCV infection: interim analysis of a multicenter compassionate use program
Simeprevir with PegIFN/ribavirin for chronic HCV infection shortens time with patientreported symptoms and impairment in QoL: ATTAIN study results
Efficacy and safety of simeprevir in treatmentnaïve HCV genotype 1-infected patients with METAVIR F2 fibrosis: QUEST-1 and QUEST-2 Phase III studies
Factors associated with medical resource utilisation and related costs in treatment-experienced patients with genotype 1 chronic hepatitis C
The use of silymarin in chronic hepatitis C infection: an updated systematic review and meta-analysis
Factors associated with triple therapy discontinuation due to adverse effects among patients with hepatitis C genotype 1 chronic infection
Triple therapy with boceprevir in treatmentexperienced patients with HCV in a third-level hospital in Mexico
Renal function in HCV genotype 1-infected treatment-naïve patients receiving simeprevir in combination with Peg-IFN and ribavirin: a post-hoc analysis
The IFNL4 ΔG/TT genotyping does not improve prediction of SVR in HCV-infected patients in the Czech Republic
Restoration of innate immune responses may be a novel therapeutic strategy for treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus infection
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IDX21437, a novel nucleotide analogue prodrug HCV NS5B polymerase inhibitor
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Health-Related Quality of Life and productivity impairment in chronic hepatitis C patients in Germany
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Epidemiological study of prevalence and risk factors for HBV among apparently healthy Mongolians
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Lack of association between interleukin-27 gene polymorphisms (-964 A/G, 2905 T/G) and chronic hepatitis B virus infection
Genetic polymorphisms of interleukin-17 (rs2275913, rs2397084) and susceptibility to chronic hepatitis B virus infection
Autophagy evaluation in chronic liver disease progression
Therapeutic drug monitoring of ribavirin predicts SVR and development of anemia in boceprevir-based triple regimens
Anti-fibrotic effect of Smad decoy oligodeoxynucleotide in carbon tetrachlorideinduced hepatic fibrosis
Protective effects of NF-KB decoy oligodeoxynucleotide on liver fibrosis through regulation of epithelial-mesenchymal transition
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