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The role of peginterferon in nucleos(t)ide‐analogue‐treated chronic hepatitis B patients : A review of published literature
Shift in disparities in hepatitis C treatment from interferon to DAA era : A population‐based cohort study
Understanding patient perceptions and risk for hepatitis C screening
Serum microRNAs as predictors for liver fibrosis staging in hepatitis C virus‐associated chronic liver disease patients
Chronologic changes in serum hepatitis B virus DNA, genotypes, surface antigen mutants and reverse transcriptase mutants during 25‐year nationwide immunization in Taiwan
Relationship between HBsAg, HBcrAg and hepatocellular carcinoma in patients with undetectable HBV DNA under nucleos(t)ide therapy
Hepatitis B virus covalently closed circular DNA homeostasis is independent of the lymphotoxin pathway during chronic HBV infection
Hepatitis B surface antigen reduction by switching from long‐term nucleoside/nucleotide analogue administration to pegylated interferon
Prevalence of HBsAg/HBeAg amongst 1 936 801 couples preparing for pregnancy in rural China : An observational study
A retrospective study of hepatitis B mother‐to‐child transmission prevention and postvaccination serological test results of infants at risk of perinatal transmission in two counties of middle China
Molecular and structural changes related to hepatitis E virus antigen and its expression in testis inducing apoptosis in Mongolian gerbil model