Capsid Protein-Encoding (P1) Sequence of Foot and Mouth Disease Virus Type Asia 1 Ind 63/72

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Variations in the amino acid sequence of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus (FMDV) structural proteins are the basis for the antigenic diversity of the virus. Majority of antigenic sites for the virus neutralization are present on VP1, the major immunogenic protein. However, a few conformational epitopes are present on the structural proteins VP2 and VP3. The nucleotide sequence encoding all the four structural proteins (P1 region) of FMDV type Asia 1 Ind 63/72 was determined. The nucleotide and the deduced amino acid sequence of P1 of Asia 1 of Indian strain was compared with that of Asia 1 Israel strain. Differences were observed at 284 (14%) nucleotide positions resulting in 69 (10%) amino acid changes. The variation in the derived amino acid sequence is the highest in VP1 (14.4%) followed by VP2 (10%), VP3 (6.4%) and VP4 (3%). Deletion of two amino acids, which was observed in the case of Indian strain as well as in Israel strain indicated that these deletions are specific for type Asia 1. The P1 sequence was also compared with the corresponding region of the other serotypes O1K, A12, C1 and SAT-1. The sequence has been submitted to EMBL data bank, under accession number Y09949.

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