Compatibility of Vpu-like Activity in the Four Groups of Primate Immunodeficiency Viruses

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Env-minus mutants of the viruses of major four human and simian immunodeficiency viruses (HIVs and SIVs) were monitored for their progeny virion production upon transfection into the cells, which are dependent on the HIV-1 Vpu for efficient particle release. Of the env mutants of HIV-1 (one mutant), HIV-2/SIVmac (three mutants), SIVagm (one mutant), and SIVmnd (one mutant) examined, the mutant of SIVmnd generated a very low level of progeny virions similar to that by the HIV-1 Vpu-minus mutant. This effect of the mutation was not observed in the cells which are independent on the Vpu for virion release. The Env of SIVmnd efficiently enhanced virion release of heterologous viruses like the HIV-1 Vpu.

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