The Complete Genomic Sequence of ROS/HUVLV-100, a representative Russian Crimean Congo hemorrhagic fever virus strain

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The complete genomic sequence (minus primer-generated ends) of the laboratory-adapted Crimean Congo hemorrhagic fever virus (CCHFV) strain ROS/HUVLV-100, isolated in 2003 from the blood of a deceased female from the Rostov region of southern European Russia, was determined by direct sequencing of overlapping reverse transcription/polymerase chain reaction amplified products. The size of the ROS/HUVLV-100 genome is 19.2 kilobases-individual genome segments are similar in size and sequence features to previously reported “Europe-1” group CCHFV strains. The low-passage ROS/HUVLV-100 strain is the first Russian Crimean Congo hemorrhagic fever virus isolate for which complete sequence information is available, and this work reports the first complete genomic CCHFV sequence determined from a single viral RNA preparation in the same laboratory.

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