Characterization of the gene encoding glycoprotein C of duck enteritis virus

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A total of 2,718 bp of DNA fragment was amplified from the C-KCE strain of duck enteritis virus (DEV) genome using thermal asymmetric interlaced PCR. This newly identified viral DNA fragment contained two non-overlapping open reading frames (ORFs) oriented from the 5′ to 3′ direction. The first ORF was comprised of 43.5% G + C and contained the full-length genomic sequence of the UL44 gene (1,296 bp) encoding 431 amino acid residues of DEV glycoprotein C (gC). The second ORF encoded a partial peptide of the UL43 gene. The sequences of DNA and deduced amino acids of the DEV gC gene shared high homology with other members of known herpesviruses, supporting the classification of DEV. Phylogenetic analysis of the DEV gC gene revealed that the gC gene had a close evolutionary relationship with the subfamily of Alphaherpesvirinae.

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