A potentially novel reovirus isolated from swine in northeastern China in 2007

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We report a novel reovirus (MRV-HLJ/2007) isolated from swine in Heilongjiang Province, China. Genome sequence analysis indicated a close genetic relationship between MRV-HLJ/2007 and strain SC-A, which was isolated from swine in 2006 in Sichuan, China. Although phylogenetic analysis indicated that MRV-HLJ/2007 may have originated from the SC-A strain, the M2 and S3 genes differ between these strains. Phylogenetic analysis also showed that, except for differences in the S1 gene, MRV-HLJ/2007 and SC-A are closely related to a reovirus that infects humans. These findings suggest that MRV-HLJ/2007 might be a novel reovirus strain circulating in China.

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