Identification and sequence analysis of theCondylorrhiza vestigialisMNPVp74gene

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The baculovirus Condylorrhiza vestigialis multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus (CoveMNPV), isolated from C. vestigialis infected larvae in Paraná (Brazil), was identified in our laboratory. A full-length clone was obtained from the CoveMNPV genome, of the gene that encodes the homolog to baculoviral p74, essential for oral infectivity which was then sequenced and characterized. The CoveMNPV p74 gene (GenBank accession number EU919397) contains an ORF of 1935 bp that encodes a deduced protein of 73.61 kDa. The phylogenetic affiliations of the CoveMNPV gene were determined by a heuristic search of 40 aligned baculovirus p74 nucleotide sequences using maximum parsimony (PAUP 4.0b4a). The phylogenetic analysis placed CoveMNPV within lepidopteran nucleopolyhedrovirus (NPV) Group I, Clade A, as being the closest to Choristoneura fumiferana defective NPV.

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