Introducing the new Special Focus Series
Insects emerge as valuable model hosts to explore virulence
The arsenal of virulence factors deployed by Listeria monocytogenes to promote its cell infection cycle
The growing role of nanotechnology in combating infectious disease
The M protein of group A Streptococcus is a key virulence factor and a clinically relevant strain identification marker
Pre-exposure of Galleria mellonella larvae to different doses of Aspergillus fumigatus conidia causes differential activation of cellular and humoral immune responses
Virulence of pandemic (H1N1) 2009 influenza A polymerase reassortant viruses
Role of two-component systems in the resistance of Staphylococcus aureus to antibacterial agents
The world of bioflms
Bacterial interactions in dental biofilm
Staphylococcus aureus biofilms Properties, regulation and roles in human disease
Proteus mirabilis biofilms and catheter-associated urinary tract infections
A rabbit model for evaluation of catheter-associated fungal biofilms
Biofilms: Friend or foe?: Meeting report; June 2011
Enzymatic removal of biofilms: A report
Biofilms for environmental biotechnology in support of sustainable development: A report
Zinc oxide and indium tin oxide thin films for the growth and characterization of Shewanella loihica PV-4 electroactive biofilms: A report
Control of oral biofilms: Retention of beneficial properties
Cell-to-cell communication (quorum sensing)
Cyclic-di-GMP signaling and biofilm formation of Escherichia coli
Biofilms and their significance in clinical microbiology
Study of biofilm formation by foodborne pathogenic and technological bacteria on model stainless steel surfaces, under monospecies and dual-species conditions, and evaluation of resistance of these sessile communities to chemical disinfectants
Electro-active biofilms: When microbiology and electrochemistry meet
Is Candida spp. biofilm eradication possible in vitro?
Bacterial-fungal interactions and new model hosts for the study of biofilms
Efficacy of a Staphylococcus aureus biofilm-embedded bacterin against coagulase-negative staphylococci intramammary infections in dairy cows
Towards understanding gene expression in multispecies biofilms containing Salmonella typhimurium
Developed microbial biofilms for sustainable agriculture
Developed microbial biofilms: A novel rhizoremediation tool to heal soil sickness
Development of anti-biofilm agents and elucidation of their mode of action
Biofilm growing intestinal anaerobic bacteria