The contribution of PmrAB to the virulence of a clinical isolate ofEscherichia coli

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Previous data from our laboratory suggest a relationship between increasedpmrABexpression and virulence in anEscherichia colimouse infection model of pyelonephritis. Competitive infections with wild type andpmrABmutants showed that disruption ofpmrABcaused decreased persistence ofE. coliwithin the mouse kidney. these results were confirmed with plasmid-mediated complementation of thepmrABmutant. Additionally, increased expression ofpmrABfrom this complementing plasmid in a previously attenuatedmarA-rob-soxStriple mutant displayed increased bacterial persistence in the infection when compared with the triple mutant alone. these findings suggest a role for this two-component regulatory system in the virulence ofE. coliin a murine pyelonephritis model.

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