Bacillus anthracis , virulence factors, PCR, and interpretation of results
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The prince and the pauper
Severe influenza and S. aureus pneumonia
Mission of randomness
In silico and in vitro evaluation of PCR-based assays for the detection of Bacillus anthracis chromosomal signature sequences
Cerebral tissue oxygenation impairment during experimental cerebral malaria
The sagA / pel locus does not regulate the expression of the M protein of the M1T1 lineage of group A Streptococcus
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Possibility of cross-species/subtype reassortments in influenza A viruses
Prevalent combination of virulence and plasmidic-encoded resistance in ST 131 Escherichia coli strains
Vancomycin monotherapy vs. combination therapy for the treatment of persistent methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia
Biosurveillance enterprise for operational awareness, a genomic-based approach for tracking pathogen virulence
The value and validation of broad spectrum biosensors for diagnosis and biodefense
The staphylococcal enterotoxin (SE) family
Ribosome-inactivating proteins
Small RNA-mediated regulation of host–pathogen interactions
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