Sequence Analysis of the Gene Encoding the Capsid Protein of the Snow Mountain Human Calicivirus
Genomic Localization and Nucleotide Sequence of a lef-8 Gene of the Spodoptera Littoralis Nucleopolyhedrovirus
Deletion Analysis of Both the Long Terminal Repeat and the Internal Promoters of the Human Foamy Virus
The Genomic 5′ Terminus of Manchester Calicivirus
PCR Analysis of Human Telomeric Repeats Present on HHV-6A Viral Strains
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Sequence Analysis Demonstrates that VP6, NSP1 and NSP4 Genes of Indian Neonatal Rotavirus Strain 116E are of Human Origin
Herpesvirus of Turkeys Homologue of HSV VP16 Is Structurally Related to Varicella Zoster Virus Trans-Inducing Protein Encoded by ORF 10
Evolutionary Analysis of Influenza C Virus M Genes
Sequences of the Three Coat Protein Genes of a Malaysian Isolate of Rice Tungro Spherical Virus Reveal a Close Relationship to the Philippine Isolate
Chicken Rotavirus Ch-1 Shows a Second Type of Avian VP6 Gene
Nucleotide Sequences of the 3′ Terminal Region of Onion Yellow Dwarf Virus Isolates from Allium Plants in Japan
Natural Spillover of a Distinctly Canidae-Associated Biotype of Rabies Virus into an Expanded Wildlife Host Range in Southern Africa
Cloning and Sequence Analysis of a Non-Structural Gene of an Aquareovirus
Characterization of the Early Region 4 of Porcine Adenovirus Type 3