Nucleotide Sequence of the 4.3 kbp BamHI-N Fragment of Fowlpox Virus FP9
Isolation, Replication and Polyhedrin Gene Sequence of an Israeli Helicoverpa Armigera Single Nucleopolyhedrovirus
The Genome-linked Protein (VPg) of Southern Bean Mosaic Virus is Encoded by the ORF2
Construction of Canine Herpesvirus Vector Expressing Foreign Genes Using a lacZ-TK Gene Cassette as a Double Selectional Marker
Nucleotide and Predicted Amino Acid Sequences of All Genes Encoded by the 3′ Genomic Portion (9.5 kb) of Respiratory Bovine Coronaviruses and Comparisons Among Respiratory and Enteric Coronaviruses
Complete Inhibition of SIVmac Replication by its Capsid Mutants
Identification of the UL56 Protein of Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 within the Virion by Immuno Electron Microscopy
The Myxoma Virus EcoRI-O Fragment Encodes the DNA Binding Core Protein and the Major Envelope Protein of Extracellular Poxvirus
Sequence Comparison of Avian Infectious Bronchitis Virus S1 Glycoproteins of the Florida Serotype and Five Variant Isolates from Georgia and California
Complete Nucleotide Sequence Analysis of a Western Pacific Dengue-1 Virus Strain
Analysis of the Equalization of Inverted Repeats and Neurovirulence Using a Pseudorabies Virus Mutant Strain Altered at the Ul/Ir Junction
Genetic Organization and DNA Sequence of Early Region 4 of Bovine Adenovirus Type 3