Sequence and Expression in Escherichia coli of the Coat Protein Gene of the Dwarfing Strain of Soybean Dwarf Luteovirus
Molecular Cloning and Nucleotide Sequence of 3′-Terminal Region of Classical Swine Fever Virus LPC Vaccine Strain
DNA-Antiviral Vaccines
A Core Promoter Hairpin is Essential for Subgenomic RNA Synthesis in Alfalfa Mosaic Alfamovirus and is Conserved in other Bromoviridae
Identification of a Thymidylate Synthase Gene within the Genome of Chilo Iridescent Virus
Genetic Analysis of the Central Untranslated Genome Region and the Proximal Coding Part of the F Gene of Wild-Type and Vaccine Canine Distemper Morbilliviruses
Cloning and Sequence Analysis of Banana Streak Virus DNA
Phylogenetic Evidence for the Improved RNA Higher-Order Structure in Internal Ribosome Entry Sequences of HCV and Pestiviruses