Inhibition of HIV/SIV Replication by Dominant Negative Gag Mutants
Sequence Analysis of the Polymerase Domain of HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase in Naive and Zidovudine-Treated Individuals Reveals a Higher Polymorphism in α-Helices as Compared with β-Strands
Detection of New DNA Polymerase Genes of Known and Potentially Novel Herpesviruses by PCR with Degenerate and Deoxyinosine-Substituted Primers
Molecular Evidence for the Existence of Two Distinct Subgroups in Cucumber Mosaic Cucumovirus
Comparisons of Nucleotide and Deduced Amino Acid Sequences of NSP4 Genes of Virulent and Attenuated Pairs of Group A and C Rotaviruses
Polymerase Chain Reaction Amplification and Gene Sequence Analysis of a Calicivirus from a Feral Rabbit
Identification of a Gene Cluster within the Genome of Chilo Iridescent Virus Encoding Enzymes Involved in Viral DNA Replication and Processing
Nucleotide Sequence of a 5892 Base Pairs Fragment of the LsmNPV Genome and Phylogenetic Analysis of LsMNPV
Analysis of the Sequence of Dioscorea Alata Bacilliform Virus; Comparison to other Members of the Badnavirus Group