T-Ag Inhibits Implantation by EC Cell Derived Embryoid Bodies
Complete Nucleotide Sequence and Infectious cDNA Clone of the RNA1 of a Chinese Isolate of Broad Bean Wilt Virus 2
n-Butyrate Mediated Inhibition of Papovavirus DNA Replication In Vivo and in Cell Culture
Characterization of Early Region 4 of Porcine Adenovirus Serotype 5
Domains of Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus P Protein Essential for Homodimerization and for Binding to N and NS1 Protein
Capsid Protein Diversity among Norwalk-like Viruses
Sequence Analysis of Pns11, a Nonstructural Protein of Rice Gall Dwarf Virus, and its Expression and Detection in Infected Rice Plants and Vector Insects
Both Point Mutation and RNA Recombination Contribute to the Sequence Diversity of Citrus Viroid III
Comparative Nucleotide Sequence Analyses of the Entire Genomes of B95a Cell-Isolated and Vero Cell-Isolated Measles Viruses from the same Patient
Nucleotide Sequence Analysis of the Entire Coding Regions of Virulent and Avirulent Strains of Viral Haemorrhagic Septicaemia Virus
Detection of Hepatitis B Virus Surface Antigen Mutants in Paraffin-Embedded Hepatocellular Carcinoma Tissues
Nucleotide Sequence of the Structural Protein-Encoding Region of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus A22-India