Evolution of Viruses by Acquisition of Cellular RNA or DNA Nucleotide Sequences and Genes
Immunomodulatory Functions Encoded by the E3 Transcription Unit of Adenoviruses
Immune Escape by Hepatitis B Viruses
MHC Class I–Subversive Gene Functions of Cytomegalovirus and their Regulation by Interferons–an Intricate Balance
Marek's Disease Herpesvirus Transforming Protein MEQ
Herpesvirus Homologues of Cellular Genes
Iridovirus Homologues of Cellular Genes—Implications for the Molecular Evolution of Large DNA Viruses
Sequence and Functional Analysis of a Homolog of Interleukin-10 Encoded by the Parapoxvirus Orf Virus
Myxoma Virus Expresses a TNF Receptor Homolog with two Distinct Functions
Poxvirus Homologues of Cellular Genes