Bacteriophage λ cIII Gene Product has an Additional Function Apart from Inhibition of cII Degradation
Comparative Analysis of G1 Glycoprotein-Coding Sequences of Cache Valley Virus (Bunyaviridae
Genomic Comparison of an Avirulent Strain of Orf Virus with that of a Virulent Wild Type Isolate Reveals that the Orf Virus G2L Gene is Non-Essential for Replication
Multiple Copies of the Upstream Regulatory Region of the Major Capsid Protein Gene of Bacteriophage MB78 Inhibit Phage Morphogenesis
The Product of ORF III in Cauliflower Mosaic Virus Interacts with the Viral Coat Protein through its C-terminal Proline Rich Domain
Molecular Cloning and High-Level Expression of G2 Protein of Hantaan (HTN) Virus 76–118 Strain in the Yeast Pichia Pastoris KM71
Four New Inverted Terminal Repeat Sequences from Bovine Adenoviruses Reveal Striking Differences in the Length and Content of the ITRs
Genetic Variability of HIV-1 Protease from Nigeria and Correlation with Protease Inhibitors Drug Resistance
Large Envelope Glycoprotein and Nucleocapsid Protein of Equine Arteritis Virus (EAV) Induce an Immune Response in Balb/c Mice by DNA Vaccination; Strategy for Developing a DNA-Vaccine Against EAV-Infection
Identification and Phylogeny of a Protein Kinase Gene of White Spot Syndrome Virus
Comparison of the 5′ Leader Sequences of North American Isolates of Reference and Field Strains of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus (PRRSV)
The Herpesvirus Alkaline Exonuclease Belongs to the Restriction Endonuclease PD-(D/E)XK Superfamily
Simultaneous Analysis of the Bidirectional African Cassava Mosaic Virus Promoter Activity Using Two Different Luciferase Genes