Characterization of a Cluster of Late Genes of Guinea Pig Cytomegalovirus
High Variability of HTLV-I in a Remote Population of Gabon as Compared to that of a Similar Population of French Guiana
Interleukin-2-Dependent but not Independent T-Cell Lines Infected with Human T-Cell Leukemia Virus Type 1 Selectively Express CD45RO, a Marker for Persistent Infection in vivo
Gene Expression Analyzed by Microarrays in HSV-1 Latent Mouse Trigeminal Ganglion Following Heat Stress
A Recombinant Virus Assay using Full-length Envelope Sequences to Detect Changes in HIV-1 Co-receptor Usage
Characterization of ATI, TK and IFN-α/βR Genes in the Genome of the BeAn 58058 Virus, a Naturally Attenuated Wild Orthopoxvirus
Characterization of the Myxoma Virus M118L Protein
Base-pair Alterations in the Epsilon-lower Stem due to a Novel Double Substitution in the Precore Gene of HBV-e Negative Variant were Recovered by Secondary Mutations
Nucleotide Sequence Analysis of Rotavirus Gene 11 from Two Tissue Culture-adapted ATCC Strains, RRV and Wa
Identification and Phylogeny of a Non-specific Endonuclease Gene of White Spot Syndrome Virus of Shrimp
Identification and Sequence Analysis of the Glycoprotein B Gene of Porcine Cytomegalovirus
Comparison of the eIF-2α Homologous Proteins of Seven Ranaviruses (Iridoviridae)
The Amino Acid Region 248–382 of the Epstein–Barr Virus Nuclear Protein 2 (EBNA2) is Responsible for the EBNA2-Induced EBV Reactivation