The World of Microbes 2002
Suppression of Promoter Activity of the LAT Gene by IE180 of Pseudorabies Virus
A TEF-1-Element is Required for Activation of the Promoter of Pseudorabies Virus Glycoprotein X Gene by IE180
The HIV-1 Nef Protein Enhances the Affinity of Reverse Transcriptase for RNA In Vitro
A Novel CC-Chemokine Homolog Encoded by Guinea Pig Cytomegalovirus*
Identification and Characterization of Hyphantria cunea Nucleopolyhedrovirus Homologous Repeated Regions
Characterization of a J Domain Gene of Spodoptera litura Multicapsid Nucleopolyhedrovirus
Molecular Anatomy of Chilo Iridescent Virus Genome and the Evolution of Viral Genes
Identification and Sequence Analysis of Potato yellow vein virus Capsid Protein Minor Gene*
PCV2 Replicase Transcripts in Infected Porcine Kidney (PK15) Cells
Physical and Genetic Map of Epinotia aporema Granulovirus Genome
Letter to the Editor
The Springer Index of Viruses*