The Application of Alkaline Phosphatase Labeled HBV Probe in Serum Detection
High Reactivation of BK Virus Variants in Asian Indians with Renal Disorders and During Pregnancy
Rinderpest Virus RNA Polymerase Subunits
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Phylogenetic Analysis and Homologies of the Replicase of Tomato Leaf Curl Geminiviruses
Complete Nucleotide Sequence of a Mumps Virus Genotype I Strain Isolated in Korea
Isolation, Molecular Characterisation and Genome Sequence of a Bacteriophage (Chp3) from Chlamydophila pecorum
Expression of Recombinant Envelope Protein of Japanese Encephalitis Virus YL Strain in Escherichia coli Possesses Hemagglutination Activity
Identification of an ICP47 Homologue in Simian Agent 8 (SA8)