CD14-dependent Modulation of Transcriptional Activities of Endogenous Retroviruses in the Lung after Injury
Complete Genome Sequence and Biological Characterizations of A Novel Goose Paramyxovirus-SF02 Isolated in China
Functional Variability of Rev Response Element in HIV-1 Primary Isolates
Cervical Cancer-causing Human Papillomaviruses have an Alternative Initiation Site for the L1 Protein
Nucleocapsid protein of cell culture-adapted Seoul virus strain 80–39
Viral Sequence Insertions and a Novel Cellular Insertion in the NS2 Gene of Cytopathic Isolates of Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus as Potential Cytopathogenicity Markers
Variable Regions 1 and 2 (VR1 and VR2) in JSRV gag Are Not Responsible for the Endogenous JSRV Particle Release Defect
Cloning and Sequence Analysis of the M gene of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus LJB/03
Identification of a Naturally Occurring Recombinant Isolate of Sugarcane Mosaic Virus Causing Maize Dwarf Mosaic Disease
Molecular Cloning of Coat Protein Gene of an Indian Cotton Leaf Curl Virus (CLCuV-HS2) Isolate and its Phylogenetic Relationship with others Members of Geminiviridae
Isolation of Virus from a SARS Patient and Genome-wide Analysis of Genetic Mutations Related to Pathogenesis and Epidemiology from 47 SARS-CoV Isolates
Cumulative Mutations in the Genome of Echovirus 6 During Establishment of a Chronic Infection in Precursors of Glial Cells
Completion of the Sequence of a Cetacean Morbillivirus and Comparative Analysis of the Complete Genome Sequences of Four Morbilliviruses
Binding of Cellular Proteins to the Leader RNA of Equine Arteritis Virus
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