Phylogenetic and recombination analysis of genomic sequences of PCV2 isolated in Korea

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The complete genomic sequences of 13 PCV2 viruses obtained between 2005 and 2007 were analyzed in order to determine their phylogenetic relationship and identify possible recombination events between PCV2a and PCV2b. Twelve PCV2b viruses and one PCV2a virus were identified by phylogenetic analysis. Notably, two PCV2b viruses (PF163 and C7201-1) were shown to belong to the 1B subgroup of PCV2b, which had not been previously reported in Korea. Theses two viruses were also predicted to be possible recombinants between PCV2a (the minor parent) and PCV2b (the major parent) by the RDP program (P < 0.01). A recombination site was predicted to exist in ORF1 of both viruses. This additional evidence of PCV2 recombination in Korea further supports the important role of recombination in genetic evolution.

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