Interaction of orthopoxviruses with the cellular ubiquitin-ligase system
Genetic reassortment between high-virulent and low-virulent Dobrava - Belgrade virus strains
Amino acid sequence analysis and identification of mutations under positive selection in hemagglutinin of 2009 influenza A (H1N1) isolates
Induction of cytopathic effects and apoptosis in Spodoptera frugiperda cells by the HIV-1 Env glycoprotein signal peptide
Antigenic, genetic, and pathogenic characterization of H5N1 highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses isolated from dead whooper swans ( Cygnus cygnus ) found in northern Japan in 2008
Case report of the rare deletion at codon 69 of reverse transcriptase in a South African HIV-1 subtype C infected patient
Molecular characterisation of African swine fever viruses from Nigeria (2003-2006) recovers multiple virus variants and reaffirms CVR epidemiological utility
Genetic analysis of avian paramyxovirus-1 (Newcastle disease virus) isolates obtained from swine populations in China related to commonly utilized commercial vaccine strains
Complete genome sequence and recombination analysis of infectious bronchitis virus attenuated vaccine strain H120
Complete nucleotide sequences of avian metapneumovirus subtype B genome
Variability of NS1 proteins among H9N2 avian influenza viruses isolated in Israel during 2000-2009
A mutant of infectious Asia 1 serotype foot-and-mouth disease virus with the deletion of 10-amino-acid in the 3A protein
Molecular analysis of infectious bronchitis viruses isolated in Slovenia between 1990 and 2005: a retrospective study
Both malvaceous and non-malvaceous betasatellites are associated with two wild cotton species grown under field conditions in Pakistan
Complete nucleotide sequence and genome organization of a Chinese isolate of Tobacco vein distorting virus
Study of betasatellite molecule from leaf curl disease of sunn hemp ( Crotalaria juncea ) in India
Functional analysis of Spodoptera litura nucleopolyhedrovirus p49 gene during Autographa californica nucleopolyhedrovirus infection of SpLi-221 cells
Genome sequence of the temperate bacteriophage PH10 from Streptococcus oralis
A role for accessory genes rI. - 1 and rI.1 in the regulation of lysis inhibition by bacteriophage T4