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Porcine epidemic diarrhoea virus: a comprehensive review of molecular epidemiology, diagnosis, and vaccines
A mechanism of immunoreceptor tyrosine-based activation motif (ITAM)-like sequences in the capsid protein VP2 in viral growth and pathogenesis of Coxsackievirus B3
Inhibition of encephalomyocarditis virus replication by shRNA targeting 1D and 3AB genes in vitro and in vivo
Identification and characterization of the short variable region of the Japanese encephalitis virus 3′ NTR
Evolutionary analysis of human-origin influenza A virus (H3N2) genes associated with the codon usage patterns since 1993
Genome analysis of two type 6 echovirus (E6) strains recovered from sewage specimens in Greece in 2006
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Detection and molecular characterization of cosavirus in adults with diarrhea, Thailand
Characterization of H5N1 highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses isolated from poultry in Pakistan 2006-2008
Sequence analysis of porcine kobuvirus VP1 region detected in pigs in Japan and Thailand
Instability in vitro of a PCV2 infectious clone containing an insertion between ORF1 and ORF2
Molecular detection of novel picornaviruses in chickens and turkeys
Comparative full genome analysis of four infectious laryngotracheitis virus ( Gallid herpesvirus-1 ) virulent isolates from the United States
Genetic characterization of bluetongue virus serotype 9 isolates from India
Isolation and phylogenetic analysis of avian-origin European H1N1 swine influenza viruses in Jiangsu, China
Characterization of the partial VP2 gene region of canine parvoviruses in domestic cats from Turkey
Molecular characterization of polish blueberry red ringspot virus isolate
The large intergenic region of Rice tungro bacilliform virus evolved differentially among geographically distinguished isolates
Cydonia japonica , Pyrus calleryana and P. amygdaliformis : three new ornamental or wild hosts of Apple stem pitting virus
Genetic variability in the coat protein genes of Cymbidium mosaic virus isolates from orchids
Eggplant mild leaf mottle virus (EMLMV), a new putative member of the genus Ipomoviru s that harbors an HC-Pro gene
Pathogenicity and insect transmission of a begomovirus complex between tomato yellow leaf curl virus and Ageratum yellow vein betasatellite
Brief report: genome sequence and construction of an infectious cDNA clone of Ribgrass mosaic virus from Chinese cabbage in Korea
Real-time PCR assay for the discrimination and quantification of wheat and barley strains of Wheat dwarf virus
Enhanced nicking activity of Rep in presence of pre-coat protein of Mungbean yellow mosaic India virus