Participation of the GABAergic system in the action of 2-amino-4-phosphonobutyrate on the OFF responses of frog retinal ganglion cells
Senescence of the temporal impulse response to a luminous pulse
Global feature-based attention for motion and color
Gaze modulation of visual aftereffects
Longer VEP latencies and slower reaction times to the onset of second-order motion than to the onset of first-order motion
The influence of the Stiles–Crawford peak location on visual performance
Velocity dependence of Vernier and letter acuity for band-pass filtered moving stimuli
Independence of mechanisms tuned along cardinal and non-cardinal axes of color space: evidence from factor analysis
Chromatic induction in neon colour spreading
Effects of contrast and length on vernier acuity explained with noisy templates
Opposing views on orthogonal adaptation: a reply to Westheimer and Gee (2002)
Opposing views on orthogonal adaptation: a response to Clifford, Arnold, Smith, and Pianta (2003)
In vivo pachymetry in normal eyes of rats, mice and rabbits with the optical low coherence reflectometer
Deficits to global motion processing in human amblyopia