Configural information is processed differently in perception and recognition of faces
Spatial-frequency spectra of printed characters and human visual perception
Ontogenic changes of kynurenine aminotransferase I activity and its expression in the chicken retina
Further evidence that chick eyes use the sign of blur in spectacle lens compensation
Subjective contours and binocular rivalry suppression
Distractor heterogeneity, attention, and color in visual search
Eye movements provide the extra-retinal signal required for the perception of depth from motion parallax
Early binocular vision in human infants: limitations on the generality of the Superposition Hypothesis
How many positions can we perceptually encode, one or many?
Visual motion detection in patients with absent vestibular function
Erratum to “Head-free reading of horizontally and vertically arranged texts” [Vision Research 42 (2002) 1325–1337],