Children with developmental dyslexia show a left visual “minineglect”
The effect of surface placement and surface overlap on stereo slant contrast and enhancement
The structure of stereoscopic masking: Position, disparity, and size tuning
Perceptual manifestations of fast neural plasticity: Motion priming, rapid motion aftereffect and perceptual sensitization
Optic-flow and egocentric-direction strategies in walking: Central vs peripheral visual field
Binding is a local problem for natural objects and scenes
The effects of amplitude-spectrum statistics on foveal and peripheral discrimination of changes in natural images, and a multi-resolution model
Motion- and orientation-specific cortical responses in infancy
Adaptation to asymmetrically distorted faces and its lack of effect on mirror images
Global shape coding for motion-defined radial-frequency contours
Learning top-down gain control of feature selectivity in a recurrent network model of a visual cortical area
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Feature search in persons with severe visual impairment
Structural changes in the developing retina maintained in vitro
Multifocal visual evoked potentials to cone specific stimuli in patients with retinitis pigmentosa ☆
Attentive tracking shifts the perceived location of a nearby flash ☆
The recognition of partially visible natural objects in the presence and absence of their occluders
Observer-based rather than population-based confidence limits for determining probability of change in visual fields ☆
Centering biases in heterochromatic brightness matching
Attention shift not memory averaging reduces foveal bias
Initial ocular following in humans: A response to first-order motion energy