Distorting visual space with sound ☆
The rapid extraction of numeric meaning
Contrast sensitivity for letter optotypes vs. gratings under conditions biased toward parvocellular and magnocellular pathways
Local luminance and contrast in natural images
Disparity-defined objects moving in depth do not elicit three-dimensional shape constancy
Eye movements during multiple readings of the same text
Accommodation stimulus–response function and retinal image quality
New object onsets reduce conscious access to unattended targets
Recovery of rod-mediated a-wave during light-adaptation in mGluR6-deficient mice
Recombination reaction of rhodopsin in situ studied by photoconversion of “indicator yellow”
Role of feedback in the accuracy of perceived direction of motion-in-depth and control of interceptive action
Monocular transparency and unpaired stereopsis
The transparency is in the fused image not the monocular image