The long and the short of it: Spatial statistics at fixation vary with saccade amplitude and task
Subthreshold features of visual objects: Unseen but not unbound
Attentional capacity limit for visual search causes spatial neglect in normal observers
Discrete stimulus estimation from neural responses in the turtle retina
Saccadic selectivity in complex visual search displays
Size-invariant but viewpoint-dependent representation of faces
Stereo dynamics are not scale-dependent
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Sinusoid = light bar + dark bar?
Multiple sources of information and time-to-contact judgments ☆
Initial destination of the disaccommodation step response
A common mechanism for perceptual filling-in and motion-induced blindness ☆
The perceived transmittance of inhomogeneous surfaces and media
Level and mechanisms of perceptual learning: Learning first-order luminance and second-order texture objects