Collinear context (and learning) change the profile of the perceptual filter
Two-stroke: A new illusion of visual motion based on the time course of neural responses in the human visual system
Spatial and feature-based effects of exogenous cueing on visual motion processing
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Amodal completion impairs stereoacuity discrimination
Only two phase mechanisms, ±cosine, in human vision
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Changes in the refractive state during prey capture under low light in the nocturnal cardinalfish Apogon annularis
Orientation tuning of human face processing estimated by contrast matching in transparency displays
Learning motion discrimination with suppressed and un-suppressed MT
The flash-lag effect is reduced when the flash is perceived as a sensory consequence of our action
Metacontrast masking suggests interaction between visual pathways with different spatial and temporal properties
Lightness constancy in 4-month-old infants
Macular pigment and ocular biometry
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