The loci of achromatic points in a real environment under various illuminant chromaticities
Almost complete colour constancy achieved with full-field adaptation
Cone contributions to signals for accommodation and the relationship to refractive error
Stereoscopic depth discrimination with contrast windowed stimuli
The perceived contrast of texture patches embedded in natural images
Noise causes slant underestimation in stereo and motion
Amplitude adaptation occurs where a saccade is represented as a vector and not as its components
Attentional control over either of the two competing percepts of ambiguous stimuli revealed by a two-parameter analysis:
Visual interpolation is not scale invariant
Bayesian adaptive estimation of threshold versus contrast external noise functions:
Perceptual learning without feedback in non-stationary contexts:
Electrical stimulation in normal and retinal degeneration (rd1) isolated mouse retina
Attention ‘capture’ by the flash-lag flash
Bi-directional illusory position shifts toward the end point of apparent motion
Perceptual learning with spatial uncertainties
Perceptual grouping induces non-retinotopic feature attribution in human vision
An ideal observer analysis of variability in visual-only speech
The optics of vertebrate photoreceptors:
Reversal of apparent rotation in the Enigma-figure with and without motion adaptation and the effect of T-junctions
Abnormal spatial selection and tracking in children with amblyopia
Test stimulus characteristics determine the perceived speed of the dynamic motion aftereffect