The coordination of binocular eye movements:
Geometrical basis of perception of gaze direction
Selective visual attention ensures constancy of sensory representations:
Temporal dynamics of stereo correspondence bi-stability
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Monochromatic ocular wave aberrations in young monkeys
Effect of blur adaptation on blur sensitivity in myopes
Estimating the external force acting on the human eye lens during accommodation by finite element modelling
Feature-based attention influences contextual interactions during motion repulsion
Eye movement signals influence perception:
Gaze distractors influence saccadic curvature:
Cross-fixation transfer of motion aftereffects with expansion motion
Equiblur zones at the fovea and near retinal periphery
Flank facilitation and contour integration:
Neural and optical limits to visual performance in myopia
Short-latency disparity vergence eye movements:
Characterisation of ocular fixation in humans by analysis of saccadic intrusions and fixation periods:
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