Henk Spekreijse (1940–2006)
A psychophysical investigation into the preview benefit in visual search
Dissociations between slant-contrast and reversed slant-contrast
Effect of third-order aberrations on dynamic accommodation
Ventral extra-striate cortical areas are required for optimal orientation averaging
Lack of spontaneous ocular neovascularization and attenuated laser-induced choroidal neovascularization in IGF-I overexpression transgenic mice
Bayesian contour extrapolation:
The effects of aging on motion detection and direction identification
Independent coding of object motion and position revealed by distinct contingent aftereffects
Closure facilitates contour integration
Motion streaks improve motion detection
The spatial feature underlying the shape-frequency and shape-amplitude after-effects
Attention, segregation, and textons:
The effect of optokinetic nystagmus on the perceived position of briefly flashed targets
Localization of visual targets during optokinetic eye movements