Two distinct cone-opponent processes in the L+M luminance pathway
Constant light rearing disrupts compensation to imposed- but not induced-hyperopia and facilitates compensation to imposed myopia in chicks
Perceptual completion in a dynamic scene:
Anisotropy for spatial summation of elongated patches of grating:
Effects of spatial attention and salience cues on chromatic and achromatic motion processing
The relationship between spatial pooling and attention in saccadic and perceptual tasks
Rhesus monkeys mislocalize saccade targets flashed for 100 ms around the time of a saccade
Chromatic tuning of contour-shape mechanisms revealed through the shape-frequency and shape-amplitude after-effects
Spatial and temporal crowding in amblyopia
The different mechanisms of the motion direction illusion and aftereffect
Collinearity improves alignment in amblyopia as well as in normal vision
Dyslexia, direction selectivity and magnocellular sensitivity
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