Professor Thorne Shipley—(1927–2009)
Motion transparency from opposing luminance modulated and contrast modulated gratings
Monocular rivalry exhibits three hallmarks of binocular rivalry: Evidence for common processes
Low-level features determine brightness in White's and Benary's illusions
Bilateral attentional advantage on elementary visual tasks
Do people match surface reflectance fundamentally differently than they match emitted light?
Delayed shape matching benefits from simplicity and symmetry
The role of invariant line junctions in object and visual word recognition
‘Gamma’ band oscillatory response to chromatic stimuli in volunteers and patients with idiopathic Parkinson's disease
Attention trades off spatial acuity
Perception of 3D shape in context: Contrast and assimilation
Time course of amodal completion in face perception
Strength and variability of the backscroll illusion
In visual search, guidance by surface type is different than classic guidance
Spatial interactions in upright and inverted faces: Re-exploration of spatial scale influence
Extra-retinal signals support the estimation of 3D motion
Corrigendum to “Microsaccade directions do not predict directionality of illusory brightness changes of overlapping transparent surfaces” [ Vision Research 46 (2006) 3823–3830],