The time course of vertical, horizontal and oblique saccade trajectories: Evidence for greater distractor interference during vertical saccades
The horizontal effect in suppression: Anisotropic overlay and surround suppression at high and low speeds
Adjusting a light dispersion model to fit measurements from vertebrate ocular media as well as ray-tracing in fish lenses
Seeing an unfamiliar face in rotational motion does not aid identity discrimination across viewpoints
Reading speed in the peripheral visual field of older adults: Does it benefit from perceptual learning?
Open-loop speed discrimination performance of ocular following response and perception
Dorsal stream modulation of visual word recognition in skilled readers
Lateral interactions across space reveal links between processing streams for luminance-modulated and contrast-modulated stimuli
Object speed derived from the integration of motion in the image plane and motion-in-depth signaled by stereomotion and looming
Estimating the time-to-passage of visual self-motion: Is the second order motion information processed?
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