Editorial: Visual Search and Selective Attention
Reaction time distributions constrain models of visual search
The spatial profile of the focus of attention in visual search: Insights from MEG recordings
Electrophysiological evidence of enhanced cortical activity in the human brain during visual curve tracing
The spatial distribution of receptive field changes in a model of peri-saccadic perception: Predictive remapping and shifts towards the saccade target
A Bayesian model for efficient visual search and recognition
Priming of pop-out modulates attentional target selection in visual search: Behavioural and electrophysiological evidence
Priming resolves perceptual ambiguity in visual search: Evidence from behaviour and electrophysiology
Top-down weighting of visual dimensions: Behavioral and electrophysiological evidence
Inter-trial and redundant-signals effects in visual search and discrimination tasks: Separable pre-attentive and post-selective effects
A dual-stage account of inter-trial priming effects
A search order lost effect: Ignoring a singleton distractor affects visual search efficiency
Visual search at isoluminance: Evidence for enhanced color weighting in standard sub-set and preview-based visual search
Disruption of spatial memory in visual search in the left visual field in patients with hemispatial neglect