Vision Research reviews ‘vision research’
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Using the Utah Population Database to assess familial risk of primary open angle glaucoma
Color-deficient cone mosaics associated with Xq28 opsin mutations: A stop codon versus gene deletions
Context-specific saccadic adaptation in monkeys
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Combined effect of wavelength and polarization in double-pass retinal images in the human eye
Spatial frequency discrimination learning in normal and developmentally impaired human vision
Shape contrast: A global mechanism?
Plasticity of TRPM1 expression and localization in the wild type and degenerating mouse retina
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Identifying steep psychometric function slope quickly in clinical applications
Lateral facilitation – No effect on the target noise level
Visuospatial perception and navigation in Parkinson's disease
Contribution of post-receporal cells to the cone a-wave of the human electroretinogram in congenital stationary night blindness and autoimmune-like retinopathy
Ocular wavefront aberrations in the common marmoset Callithrix jacchus : Effects of age and refractive error
Lateral facilitation revealed dichoptically for luminance-modulated and contrast-modulated stimuli
No capture outside the attentional window
A computational vector-map model of neonate saccades: Modulating the externality effect through refraction periods
Stabilization of gaze: A relationship between ciliary muscle contraction and trapezius muscle activity
Young without plastic surgery: Perceptual adaptation to the age of female and male faces
Scene and screen center bias early eye movements in scene viewing
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