Vision Research special issue on “Perception and action”
The disembodied eye: Consequences of displacing perception from action
Visuomotor robustness is based on integration not segregation
Online action-to-perception transfer: Only percept-dependent action affects perception
Grasping remembered objects: Exponential decay of the visual memory
Locations of serial reach targets are coded in multiple reference frames
Interactions between gaze-centered and allocentric representations of reach target location in the presence of spatial updating
A metanalysis of the effect of the Müller-Lyer illusion on saccadic eye movements: No general support for a dissociation of perception and oculomotor action
Effects of saccades on visual processing in primate MSTd
The perception of motion smear during eye and head movements
Compression of time during smooth pursuit eye movements
Spatial perception during pursuit initiation
Biological motion influences the visuomotor transformation for smooth pursuit eye movements
Receptive fields for smooth pursuit eye movements and motion perception
Localization of speed differences of context stimuli during fixation and smooth pursuit eye movements
Teach to reach: The effects of active vs. passive reaching experiences on action and perception
Learning by doing: Action performance facilitates affordance perception
Visually guided navigation: Head-mounted eye-tracking of natural locomotion in children and adults
Tactual perception of material properties