Acute hypoglycemia decreases central retinal function in the human eye
Effects of dopamine D1 receptor blockade on the intensity-response function of ERG b- and d-waves under different conditions of light adaptation
Simultaneous adaptation to non-collinear retinal motion and smooth pursuit eye movement
Depth of focus and visual acuity with primary and secondary spherical aberration
Attention to faces: Effects of face inversion
Age-dependence of the optomechanical responses of ex vivo human lenses from India and the USA, and the force required to produce these in a lens stretcher: The similarity to in vivo disaccommodation ☆
Pascal's ring, cardinal points, and refractive compensation
Discrimination of natural scenes in central and peripheral vision
Disparity biasing in depth from monocular occlusions
Analysis of head position used by myopes and emmetropes when performing a near-vision reading task
Erratum to “The effects of perceptual history on memory of visual objects” [Vision Res. 47/7 (2007) 965–973],