Vision Research special issue on the “On-line Visual Control of Action”
The influence of visual target information on the online control of movements
When adaptive control fails: Slow recovery of reduced rapid online control during reaching under reversed vision
Hitting a target is fundamentally different from avoiding obstacles
Look where you're going! Perceptual attention constrains the online guidance of action
On-line and model-based approaches to the visual control of action ☆
Control of binocular gaze in a high-precision manual task
A perspective on multisensory integration and rapid perturbation responses
Is visual-based, online control of manual-aiming movements disturbed when adapting to new movement dynamics?
Target modality affects visually guided online control of reaching
Visually-guided correction of hand reaching movements: The neurophysiological bases in the cerebral cortex
The neuronal basis of on-line visual control in smooth pursuit eye movements
Patient DF's visual brain in action: Visual feedforward control in visual form agnosia
The role of visual processing in motor learning and control: Insights from electroencephalography
The coupling of vision with locomotion in cortical blindness