Scaling of the extrastriate neural response to symmetry
Surround-contingent motion aftereffect
Up-down asymmetry in vertical vection
Lens opacity based modelling of the age-related straylight increase
Processing context: Asymmetric interference of visual form and texture in object and scene interactions
Monocular and binocular mechanisms mediating flicker adaptation
The phantom illusion
Saliency-based gaze prediction based on head direction
Directionality of individual cone photoreceptors in the parafoveal region
Eye movements reveal epistemic curiosity in human observers
Tilt aftereffect due to adaptation to natural stimuli
The visual perception of exocentric distance in outdoor settings
Online control of reaching and pointing to visual, auditory, and multimodal targets: Effects of target modality and method of determining correction latency
A perceptual space of local image statistics
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