Temporal effect of 2,4-D on induction of embryogenic nuclellar cultures and somatic embryo development of ‘Carabao' mango
Organogenesis and somatic embryogenesis in Codiaeum variegatum (L.) Blume cv. “Corazón de Oro”
Development of asparagus microspores in vivo and in vitro is influenced by gametogenic stage and cold treatment
Genetic control of in vitro differentiation processes in radish
Early events in rice somatic embryogenesis
Production of hairy roots in Aconitum heterophyllum wall. using Agrobacterium rhizogenes
EMS-induced lincomycin resistance in red pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)
Direct shoot formation and plant regeneration from cotyledon explants of rapid-cycling Brassica rapa
In vitro clonal propagation of an aromatic medicinal herb Ocimum basilicum L. (sweet basil) by axillary shoot proliferation
Cryopreservation of the SB-M photosynthetic soybean [ Glycine max (L.) Merr.] suspension culture
A phosphorus-31 nuclear magnetic resonance study of elicitor-mediated metabolic changes in Catharanthus roseus suspension cultures
Interactive effects of nitrate and phosphate salts, sucrose, and inoculum culture age on growth and sesquiterpene production in Artemisia annua hairy root cultures
Congress on in vitro biology 1997 meeting of the society for in vitro biology June 14-18, 1997 Washington, DC-special poster session abstracts-