Designing a micropropagation system
A general approach for developing a commercial micropropagation system
Establishment of contaminant-free perennial plants in vitro
Challenges associated with micropropagation of Zephyranthes and Hippesatrum sp. (Amaryllidaceae)
Micropropagation systems for the mexican redbud ( Cercis canadensis var. Mexicana L.) and other woody plants of the chihuahuan desert
Biological and Engineering Aspects of Plant Cell Bioreactor Technology
The biological response of hairy roots to O2 levels in bioreactors
Application of imaging tools to plant cell culture
Control of microbial contamination for large-scale photoautotrophic micropropagation
Challenges and issues in scaling commercial production of conifer somatic embryogenesis
Imbibition of white spruce seeds and somatic embryos
Review in vitro-induced flowering in bamboos
Ascorbic acid improves conversion of white spruce somatic embryos
A novel technique for the partial isolation of maize embryo sacs and subsequent regeneration of plants
Histological study of in vitro development of adventitious buds on leaf explants of oriental beech ( Fagus orientalis lipsky)
Efficient plant regeneration of native spearmint ( Mentha spicata L.)
The toxicity of antibiotics and herbicides on in vitro adventitious shoot formation of Pinus pinea L. cotyledons
Biolistic transformation, expression, and inheritance of bovine β-casein in soybean ( Glycine max )
Development of a forced ventilation micropropagation system for large-scale photoautotrophic culture and its utilization in sweet potato