The discovery of haploid production by anther culture
Environmentally friendly approaches to genetic engineering
Tissue culture of parasitic flowering plants
Can in vitro biology have farm-level impact for small-scale cassava farmers in Latin America?
Gene expression and its regulation during the cell cycle of higher plants in synchronous cell culture systems
In vitro rooting of sentang shoots ( Azadirachta excelsa L.) and acclimatization of the plantlets
In vitro plant regeneration of Ilex paraguariensis (aquifoliaceae)
Developmental and environmental regulation of anthocyanin pigmentation in wheat tissues transformed with anthocyanin regulatory genes
A rapid protocol for somatic embryogenesis from immature leaflets of groundnut ( Arachis hypogaea L.)
In planta soybean transformation technologies developed in China
Isolation of protoplasts from in vitro-grown quince BA29 leaves
Evidence of somatic embryogenesis from root tip explants of the rattan Calamus manan
Selection and microculture of single embryogenic cell clusters in japanese conifers
Biotechnology for environmentally safe agriculture
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