Message from the president and the secretary of the IAPTC&B
Turning point article plant protoplasts
Program for the application of genetic transformation for crop improvement in the semi-arid tropics
Cotton ovule culture
Genetic engineering for abiotic stress resistance in crop plants
In vitro propagation of Artocarpus altilis (park.) fosberg (breadfruit) from mature plant material
Effect of varying co2 and light levels on growth of hedyotis and sugarcane shoot cultures
In vitro pollination of angiosperm ovules with gymnosperm pollen grains
Cytokinins, auxins and activated charcoal affect organogenesis and anatomical characteristics of shoot-tip cultures of lisianthus [ Eustoma grandiflorum (RAF.) Shinn],
Forest Biotechnology '99—A Joint Meeting of the International Wood Biotechnology Symposium and the Iufro Working Party for Molecular Genetics of Trees, 11-16 July, 1999 Oxford, UK
Reach the unreached