A protocol for in vitro mass propagation of asiatic hybrids of lily through liquid stationary culture

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SummaryA simple, rapid and cost-effective in vitro scheme has been proposed for mass propagating two cultivars of Asiatic lily hybrids. An average of seven bulblets was formed after 17 d when 1×1 cm2 bulb scale segments (explants) were cultured on Murashige and Skoog (MS) medium with 3% sucrose and 0.5 μM α-naphthaleneacetic acid (NAA). On MS medium containing 0.5 μM NAA and 6 or 9% sucrose, depending on the cultivar, large numbers of bulblets of increased size (3.5-5.0 cm in circumference) were formed under a 16/8 h photoperiod. A continuous system of mass propagation of bulblets was achieved through in vitro scale formation (secondary explants) on MS medium supplemented with 23 μM kinetin and 0.5 μM NAA, as well as scale proliferation on MS basal liquid stationary medium. Upon transplantation all bulblets sprouted, of which 40% flowered in the first season. Under ideal conditions, ca. 9.68×105 bulblets can be produced from a single scale segment in 1 yr by following the systematic propagation steps proposed here.

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