Shoot regeneration from seedling explants ofAcacia mangiumWilld

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SummaryRegeneration of adventitious shoots was obtained in over 80% of explants, consisting of wounded cotyledonary nodes of Acacia mangium, by culturing germinated seedlings on DKW medium with combinations of N6-benzyladenine and either thidiazuron or N-(2-chloro-4-pyridyl)-N-phenylurea. Electron microscopy showed the presence of adventitious buds arising from wound tissue of the cotyledons and cotyledonary nodes. Shoot regeneration was also obtained at lower frequency in isolated cotyledon explants cultured with 6% sucrose alone (10%), or with 3% sucrose and 30.0 mg l−1 (0.1 μM) 2-4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D; 16%). With 2,4-D,>60% of explants produced organized structures but these did not develop into shoots or somatic embryos. Shoot formation was not induced in either hypocotyl or root explants.

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